Even The Most Exceptional CEOs Can’t Succeed Alone.


Having the proper team in place is essential to successfully realizing your company’s vision. Collective Genius works with emerging growth companies like yours to curate the best candidates across all functions, from executive-level to mission-critical positions.



We begin with a systematic, facilitative process to design a role that aligns with the company’s initiatives. We believe listening to our clients, active communication, and quality over quantity are keys to a successful search. Every project we take on is important to us. Frequent touch-points and reporting are ingrained within our process.

Candidate Access

Working across all major markets, our strategy of focusing only on a curated five percent of emerging companies provides our clients with the unfair advantage of accessing candidates from the other 95 percent of companies.

Deep Understanding and Advocacy

We develop an unparalleled intimacy with your company’s vision and needs, which empowers us to evangelize your company to the market and generate excitement about the role.

Proven Process

Our  recruitment process is based on a research approach, current best practices, and leading technology. We will take a full look at the market to uncover all available candidate options.

Armed with this information and informed by decades in the trenches, we provide the guidance needed to help you make the best hiring decisions.

Unique Candidates for Emerging Growth Companies

At Collective Genius, we have a deep understanding of the types of candidates you need to build and scale your organization: passionate, adaptable, lifelong learners who are growth-minded, collaborative, and have a natural compulsion to build things. We recognize and “get” these people because they are just like us.

Start To Finish

We don’t just uncover candidates who would be great for the position. Once we find you the right people, we work with you and the candidates throughout the process to maximize retention and minimize unwanted fall-offs. Our offer-to-acceptance rate is 94%.


  • “When working with Collective Genius I always feel we are making the absolute best hire. They are our first call for mission critical positions.”
  • “Leveraging the Peak system; my team is aligned, focused and my board members are always informed.”
  • "When I’m recruiting for new leadership at our company, I need to find someone who can do more than just hit the sweet spot between superior tech expertise and deep education industry experience. I also need someone who can immediately contribute to our growth."
  • “I've read plenty of books on goal-setting for startups, running lean, and staying focused. It wasn't until our team met with Jeff that the goal-setting process really clicked.”
  • "Jeff is an authentic, caring human who always puts the founder first. He's been an incredible mentor to our Techstars startups and even won our "#GiveFirst" for being one of our best."
  • "Collective Genius has an uncanny ability to tap into its expansive national network and finds candidates that exceed my expectations every time."
  • "Jeff is one of the best Mentors I have ever had in my life! During a busy and stressful time for our Company, he helped implement team and communication strategies that have transformed our cohesion."
  • "Collective Genius was instrumental in helping me build my technology leadership team at Questar. Jeff and team are extremely knowledgeable across disciplines, know the markets and recruiting tools very well, and is an expert at closing the deal."
  • "Collective Genius are more than just advocates for the startup ecosystem, they create personal connections with the entrepreneurs. With these connections and understanding the company's vision they have the ability to bring best people to help companies scale."
  • "I've worked with Collective-Genius numerous times to find difficult to fill positions on my team. Jeff and his team are experts at understanding the true talent needs for the situation, the organization and the culture."
  • "After being mentored by Jeff for nearly a decade, I can certainly say that every minute I invest with him is valuable. He's facilitated strategic planning sessions for my businesses, trained us on processes to gain more traction, and held us accountable to staying focused."
  • "I have worked with Collective Genius for years. They have been my go to for variety of talent needs, for multiple product lines and for both early and growth stage businesses.'
  • "Geoff and his team are great at digging in with a client to really understand their talent needs – he provides excellent advice on the search and sets reasonable expectations based on deep knowledge of the market."
  • "Our ability to scale successfully as a company has been maximized by our relationship with Jeff and Geoff. Collective Genius is one of our best investments."
  • "Jeff is always an honest, reliable and insightful sounding board for understanding needs. Not just helping determine what is needed, but when, and also how it fits in the broader picture."
  • "Jeff is a great mentor, friend and advisor for us at StoryXpress . He never hesitates spending quality time with us to think through the business processes using a goal-setting approach, which helped us achieve a lot in a short span of time."
  • "Jeff has been an incredible mentor, friend and advisor to CancerAid."
  • "What I value most about the team at Collective Genius is their ability to quickly understand the opportunities I’m chasing and help me find the best aligned skills and cultural resources for those needs."
  • "Geoff has dramatically reduced the time it takes to fill critical roles in my organization with strong talent and provides great follow-up to check in on how things are working out after the hire. Highly recommended!"
  • Beth Engel Partner Dundee Ventures"Jeff led our team's annual "Peak" session at the end of last year. His process, plan, and style were the right mix of listening and prodding to help our team get our priorities onto paper, meet deadlines, and hold ourselves accountable. We're looking forward to having Jeff back at our first quarter review to show off all we have accomplished and what more we have to do to Get to Peak!" 
  • Nick Kim Head of Platform at Crosscut Ventures"Jeff ran the Annual Planning Peak session for us at Crosscut. He was effective at aligning our partnership around a set of goals and facilitating the debate about internal priorities. He delivered a system to help us prioritize our goals and execute against them. I recommend Jeff to anyone doing annual planning at the senior leadership level."



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