How It Began

Ever since I can remember, I have been drawn to people that take their own path the outsiders – the people willing to think differently, willing to break free of the norms because they see what others cannot.  These outsiders are the people that over time emerge as leaders and innovators.

The Collective Genius Team

Over two decades in my work, I have surrounded my self with these people -learning how they work, the intricacies of the teams they build, and the cultures they create. I have witnessed them build new industries, sometimes fail, and often times pivot and succeed once again.

A product of my generation, I was coding in elementary school on a TRS80 and at night in my basement on a Commodore 64. Through high school and college, I sought multiple jobs to learn as much about business as possible and created a few of my own along the way. As I left college and sold my first ‘real’ business, I wanted to learn from some great industry leaders.

It was the 90s, software and this new internet thing was like plastic in the 80s – everyone wanted to be a part of it. I had the opportunity to work among some remarkable leaders and teams and forge new industries both in software and recruiting, bringing me closer to what I have defined as my purpose and the purpose of Collective Genius.

I believe we need to foster change and innovation through leadership – be it leaders finding the right teams or the teams finding the right leader. This is what we do at Collective Genius. We have combined our years of experience in both software and recruiting to help companies, leaders, and teams identify and secure the right people for the right roles to grow and scale.

Today, we’re a company filled with like-minded people with this one burning purpose.

Change the World,

Jeff Martin (Founder and CEO)

Our Shared Values

These are the values we live by and share with the leaders we support, our partners, and the advocates of our mission.

  1. Inspire, embrace and drive positive change
  2. Seek learning and growth
  3. Create open and honest relationships
  4. Dedication to see the job through
  5. Be open minded to all ideas and people
  6. Be humble and transparent
  7. Work together to create something greater than you can alone
  8. Be creative and embrace roads less traveled
  9. Empower the passion of others

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