The Interview: What is Collective Genius in 2017


“What is Collective Genius?”

We are a team of people that help grow tech companies. We do not fit neatly into a single category, which can be confusing for some people. However, most importantly, we are understood well by the companies with whom we work. With CHANGE as our mantra, we have evolved throughout the years by listening closely to what tech companies need.

“So, what is Collective Genius today?”

The first part of who we are involves hiring leadership and management positions for technology companies.

“So, you are tech headhunters?”

Yes, we are headhunters for tech companies. However, we don’t really like the term “headhunter”. We find people that are in the wrong position and put them in a position where they can learn, grow, and be successful. What would you call that?

“Got it. You recruit and hire executives for tech companies. What positions are in your focus?”

We do executive placement for the full C-suite: CEO, CTO, CFO, CRO, CMO, COO, CXO, CPO, and others. We also fill in their team positions from SVP through manager roles. Depending upon the department, we will go deeper into building out positions on their teams with full-time employees and consultants. Going deeper is common for us in product and technology teams.

“Collective Genius does executive placement and recruiting for technology companies.”

Nicely put. I should hire you to write our copy.

“Thank you. What other work do you do to help grow tech companies?”

Having the right people on the team is key. However, once these people and recruiting processes are in place, a company needs to get organized. We help companies get organized and stay focused. This is done through annual and quarterly meetings, along with setting a vision, a mission, goals, and scorecards.

“This sounds like management consulting? What is this?”

Prior to the development of Collective Genius, Jeff had been involved in the growth of a variety of tech startup and emerging companies, sometimes as an employee and oftentimes as a consultant.

As we began operating Collective Genius, we started seeing opportunities to help our clients beyond building their teams. We have also learned a few new tools and processes along the way. These annual and quarterly planning days align these companies and ensure everyone in the company is rowing in the same direction. We are finding a great model of: Providing the Right People + Alignment/Focus = Something Very Powerful (Positive Change).

“Okay, okay… So you staff tech companies and you also help facilitate leadership meetings. What is up with all these videos?”

Great question. Why do so many people respond with the answer “Great question?” Is that to buy time to answer?

“Please, leave the questions to me. What is up with these videos?”

The videos started as an idea about sharing the great conversations we have with the tech leaders in our network. We wanted to get out of the office and film these outside of the boardroom, and we made the obvious location choice of Jeff’s Toyota Prius. From the beginning, these videos were being made to just share knowledge. We did not expect we would have so many people watching and asking us for more.

“The videos keep coming and keep changing. Where are you going with these?”

We originally started making a couple of videos that then turned into shows. Today, we have Driving Change in which we go for a ride with tech leaders. This show has a variety of new guests lined up for 2017 and 2018. We also filmed Lead by Change New York which helped us to clarify our new show Tech Scenes. In Tech Scenes, we are going city to city to take a look at different tech scenes by talking with CEOs/founders, investors, and other people in the tech community.

“Tech Scenes…I have seen the trailers. When is this coming out?”

The scope of Tech Scenes was much larger than anticipated. After filming, we realized we were onto something much larger than we had originally planned. So we decided to build much more content and up the quality along the way.

Through the process, we also built a much larger film team. We have added sponsor opportunities to allow us to film more cities and increase the speed with which we release the shows. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more. The short answer is Tech Scenes will be out in the next month or two.

“What should we expect to see for the last half of 2017 from Collective Genius?”

More growth across the west coast, mid west, and east coast. Also, the launch of Tech Scenes Los Angeles and the announcement of the next Tech Scenes city. Let us know which city you would like to see.

Since our mantra is CHANGE, I cannot say that we won’t have some more of that as well. Hey, thank you for the interview.

“No problem. Maybe next time let me decide when the interview is done?”

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