Why is it that some companies can successfully change and innovate while others cannot? We believe it is simply, the people.

As the pace of change continues to accelerate, organizations are racing to become more nimble in their ability to adapt. In doing so, many will fail to keep pace with the market not because of selecting the wrong technologies or methodologies but simply by not first understanding how to hire the right people.

Collective Genius is a curator of such people. We help companies change and innovate by providing them with the right software product, project leadership and technology recruitment to drive new initiatives, build new capabilities, and create new software products. We’re the people to help you find the right people.


  • “Collective Genius is my go to firm of technology and software product management leadership positions.”

    CTO Software Organization
  • “We always have great success bringing in new technology leadership talent and program management by leveraging Collective Genius.”

    CIO Technology Education Company
  • “Collective Genius is focused on new initiatives and new projects. Their experience reduces risk in my projects and it makes me feel much more comfortable when we are pushing forward together.”

    COO Healthcare Organization
  • “I have a variety of needs from pulse needs to long term strategic hires. Collective Genius provides us with the right people at the right time for us to stay ahead of our market.”

    Director Product Management and Project Office
  • “We believe in the mission of Collective Genius that we must change to evolve. They help us to successfully implement change within our company by working collectively to build and support great project teams.”

    CTO Emerging Tech Company