Driving Change Ep 2 – CIO Phil McKoy

If you believe that you can be or should be the world’s authority on all innovation and technology, you are setting yourself up for failure.Phil McKoy, CIO

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[x_text]Welcome to Driving Change where we go for a drive with leading technology executives and dig deep into their beliefs, habits, routines, and influences.

Today we take a ride with Phil McKoy CIO of Aimia and discuss the changing role of the CIO, staying relevant, advice for up and coming technology leaders, balance, and fishing from a kayak.

In this Episode:

3:06 The changing role of the CIO

4:43 Staying relevant as a technology leader

5:02 Using the right technologies and methodologies

6:38 Advice to your 25 year old self

8:39 Being a different leader

10:55 Balancing life, work and personal

12:26 Fishing from a kayak – Fishing from a Kayak – TARPON 140 ANGLER

13:46 Being a corporate athlete

14:22 Influential Books

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t by Jim Collins

Total Leadership by Stewart Friedman

For more episodes and extended versions visit www.leadbychange.com

Produced by Jeff Martin of  Collective Genius[/x_text]

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