Tech Scenes Harrison Tang of Spokeo – The Great Opportunity in Pasadena

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Welcome to Tech Scenes where we explore what makes tech founders and the cities they live in thrive.

In this solo episode we meet up with Harrison Tang and talk about Spokeo, the work life experience in Los Angeles, the history of tech and the unique opportunity in Pasadena, finding your why, diversity and Innovate Pasadena.

Watch Tech Scenes episode two we explore Los Angeles from Pasadena, Hollywood, Santa Monica to Manhattan Beach and meet up with Harrison Tang of Spokeo, Sarah Zurell of Pavemint, Andrew Blackmon of the The Black Tux, Bambi Francisco of Vator, Nick Green of Thrive Market, and Brew Johnson of PeerStreet.

Produced by: Jeff Martin CEO and Founder of Collective Genius and Lead by Change

Empowered by: Collective Genius – Executive Search for Emerging Companies.

Media Sponsor: SOCALTECH – High Tech News and Information for Southern California.

Guest: Harrison Tang of Spokeo

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