Tech Scenes Chicago with Chris Gladwin of Ocient

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Welcome to Tech Scenes where we explore what makes CEO’s, founders and investors and the cities they live in thrive.

On this episode we have breakfast with Chris Gladwin at Taste222, take a walk through Chicago and visit the offices of Ocient. Along the way we talk about building businesses in Chicago, the volumes of quality software engineering talent, the future of data, and much more.


Produced by: Jeff Martin CEO and Founder of Collective Genius and Lead by Change

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Thank you Ocient – Enabling rapid analysis and management of the world’s largest datasets.

Structured data volume is exploding and outpacing current analysis tools. Worldwide structured datasets are growing 800% over the next 5 years. Organizations that can harness the untapped power of very large datasets, at scale and at speed, stand to gain tremendous advantages.

Current Big Data technologies are built for organizations with datasets measured in terabytes. Ocient’s focus is on much larger datasets — measured in tens of terabytes, petabytes, or exabytes — with trillions or quadrillions of rows.

Current Big Data platforms do not offer satisfactory ingress or query processing speeds for such datasets.We’re focused on ingressing billions of rows per second, and filtering and computing aggregate results at rates up to trillions of rows per second.

Ocient has rethought the entire architecture of data analysis systems based upon modern high-performance, low-cost hardware in a massively parallel architecture with Speed at Scale as our focus.


Thank you to Taste 222 –  Taste 222 is the storefront showcase of Cleveland Avenue headquarters, a venture capital and consulting firm that invests in remarkable food, beverage and restaurant concepts.

Taste 222 honors entrepreneurs by providing a supportive and experiential environment for their food and beverage creations. In addition to original offerings from our culinary team, Taste 222 features new products from entrepreneurs ranging from grab-and-go beverages to delectable desserts.

Address: 222 N Canal Street, Chicago, IL 60606

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